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Colorado Springs, CO


General Information

Our office is designed for you

Teeth are not all the same.  Teeth can have very unique and complex anatomy that require a unique treatment approach.  While most teeth develop with a predictable shape and number of canals, many teeth will have extra canals or unpredictable configurations that can only be treated if they are identified and managed.  Quality endodontic treatment cannot be provided based on the average expected anatomy, and we are unconditionally committed to providing you with individualized care.

Toothaches are not all the same.  There are a number of causes for dental pain, and diagnosing orofacial pain can be very complex.  Not all toothaches require root canal treatment, so we perform complete evaluations to determine if root canal treatment is right for you.  Often times there are other treatments that are more conservative to resolve your pain. 

People are not all the same.  You are an individual with a unique situation and needs.  We understand and will take the time to help you feel at ease if you are nervous.   Our practice model is designed to adapt to the needs of each individual patient.

Commitment to Excellence: The most advanced technology available

Endodontics is a microscopic science.  All diagnostic and therapeutic treatments are performed using the most advanced Dental Operating Microsope available today to provide superior visualization inside the tooth.  This technology is fairly new and generally under-utilized in dentitstry, yet it enhances our ability to provide more complete and conservative dental treatment.   At magnifications of more than 20x and with optimal coaxial lighting, we are better able to see extra canal systems, unique anatomical anomolies, and identify fractures.  

Our office utilizes advanced digital imaging which reduces radiation exposure during dental x-rays.  Because these images are digitized, the Endodontist uses computer software to amplify and manipulate images for better diagnostic purposes.

We are also very proud to be one of few offices utilizing 3-D volumetric imaging, also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).  When appropriate, this technology can dramatically improve our diagnostic abilities to better treatment plan.  Our office uses a Kodak 9000 CBCT machine that has the highest resolution available on the market today.  This device also minimizes radiation exposure by having a very small area of focus to allow detailed visualization of the tooth or area of interest, without unnecessary exposure to surrounding tissues.   

Laser technology uses air, water, and concentrated light to generate gentle but powerful waves of energy within the root canal system to faciltate the removal of bacteria and other contaminants from infected teeth.   Apex Endodontics is proud to be among the first to incorporate this technological advancement into an endodontic practice in Colorado.   

Because we use digital record keeping, our office runs more efficiently, and we are able to communicate more effectively  with your dentist concerning your care. We also understand that your time is valuable.  Through our digital records it is possible to save "wait" time in our office by filling out pertinent information on our secure internet site.  Please contact our office at 719-282-6600 for login information.