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Colorado Springs, CO


Robert Corr, DDS MS • Ryan Jack, DDS MS •

Welcome to Apex Endodontics

If you are visiting us, it is probably because your dentist told you that you need "root canal treatment".  Please don't be nervous, it is our top priority to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.  

Endodontists, or "root canal specialists", work closely with your general dentist to promote your overall dental health and save your natural teeth.   We will take as much time as is needed to be sure you understand your treament options, and to provide the best possible care for you. 

This website has been developed to acquaint you with our office and team, and is designed to speed up your check-in process by allowing you to complete some of the paperwork before you arrive.  If you are a new patient or a referring dentist, please call 719-282-6600 for your login information

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple:  To provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available anywhere. Your comfort is our number one priority.  We make no compromises in our commitment to quality care and to excellence in endodontic treatment.

Our office opened in the Spring of 2009 with the goal of being the most technologically advanced endodontic clinic in Colorado Springs. 

Patient Testimonials

Can't tell you how great the experience was compared to what I thought it would be, since I'd never had a root canal.  Dr. Jack and his assistant led me through the op, I knew what they were going to do, they did as they said, and I was ready to go after the procedure.  Can't ask for more than that.

John S. 

May 2017

I was very impressed with Dr Corr's professionalism and explanations during the procedure.

Steven W. 

May 2017

This is the best root canal experience I've ever had!

Jean Q. 

May 2017

Great job Dr, Jack.  No pain and numbness went away within 2 hours of procedure.  Highly recommend Dr. Jack!

James M.

May 2017

Very kind staff. I actually enjoyed being there.

Martha G.

May 2017

Since Dr. Christina Sletten referred me to you, you had my complete trust before I walked through your door.  Dr. Christina and her staff informed me of what to expect in terms of a warm welcome and the best of care.  They were "spot on" and that really took care of the anxiety level!

Thank you for your excellent explanation of the procedure I needed, informing me through the entire process and educating me on the aftercare required for the best outcome. I appreciate the follow up phone call to check on my welfare.

I also appreciate the email to evaluate my pain and reminder of what to do if I were having problems.  Thank you for the opportunity to let you know the level of caring and your expertise are amazing and if I lived in your area and needed another procedure, I would need to make only one call, to your office.  Thanks, again, for this pleasant experience!

Sue K. 

April 2017

Dr. Jack is fantastic! From his professional expertise, to his chair side manners, I could not ask for more. The office staff is extremely kind and helpful. It's great to know that when teeth problems arise, Apex Endodontics is there to get the job done, thank you.

Robert G. 

April 2017

I was very pleased with Dr. Corr and his staff. I will recommend Apex Endodontics to my friends and co-workers. Thank you for doing a great job.

Janice B.

April 2017

As a former Assistant Air Force dental tech for 20 years and working with over 100 dentists, Dr Corr is outstanding dentist and knows what he is doing. He does a very good job explaining every step and keeping pain to a minimum. I wish every dentist cared like he does, I hate to say it but he is a rare dentist that truly cares for the patient and shoots for the perfect RCT. Thank you Dr. Corr and his assistant.

David F. 

April 2017

Peyton really liked the way Dr. Corr would explain what he was doing at each step of the procedures. He made her feel confident that everything would turn out just fine.

Lisa E. 

March 2017