3d Imaging

Imaging in endodontics is critical during the diagnostic process. In the past, endodontists would rely on standard, film-based x-rays that only provide two-dimensional images. At Apex Endodontics, we use digital x-rays and 3D dental imaging, also known as cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). This tool improves our diagnostic abilities, helping our doctors to more accurately choose the type of endodontic treatment that will best benefit the patient.


Apex Endodontics TechnologyWhat Is Cone Beam Scan CT?

Cone beam CT scanning uses the same technology as CT scanning that hospitals use. However, the CBCT unit used in dental practices is a smaller device that fits into an office setting. In instances when a standard 2D x-ray will not suffice, the 3D imaging of CBCT fills the necessary role.

A cone beam scan creates a 3D image so that the endodontist can visualize intricate tooth anatomy and the surrounding structures. Though this form of imaging produces more radiation than x-rays, the amount focuses on a small area of the body. Therefore, patients’ radiation exposure is minimized.

The Cone Beam CT 3D Dental Imaging Equipment We Use

At Apex Endodontics, we use the Carestream 9600, which features the highest quality resolution available today. By using this device, our endodontists have clear, sharp images of small areas of interest or full panoramic shots of the entire mouth. The high-resolution images allow for more accurate identification of problem areas that require treatment. Therefore, a cone beam scan provides our doctors with the information they need to make choices for the patient's course of treatment.

Cone Beam Scan CT as Part of Our High-Tech Endodontic Practice

CBCT scanning is not the only high-tech equipment that we have. In fact, it is part of a whole range of technologically advanced devices that our practice uses to optimize our endodontic treatments. We also use digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure and give our endodontists faster, more precise results. We also have the Waterlase and GentleWave devices to help improve the cleaning and disinfection of tooth canals during endodontic treatment.

Every piece of technology we invest in will ultimately help us to provide the best care possible for our patients.

High-Tech Endodontic Solutions from Apex Endodontics

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