Gentlewave Root Canal

One of the most common procedures that endodontists perform is root canal therapy. Technology has come a long way in our field, and we are happy to have several technologies at our practice that provide a modern and effective patient experience. One of these technologies is the GentleWave procedure. Through its unique mechanism of operation, it provides a deep, thorough cleaning of the tooth and better root canal treatment outcomes.

What Is the GentleWave Root Canal?

The GentleWave system combines sound waves with water flow to create an innovative alternative to using tools to clean out the interior of the tooth. This system requires a minimal removal of tooth structure, which helps to maintain the natural strength of teeth.

Directing the GentleWave flow into the tooth thoroughly gets into deep crevices or difficult-to-reach locations where other tools cannot reach. The rapid flow cleans dead, decaying, or infected pulp out of the tooth.

Once this infected matter comes out of the tooth, the endodontist seals the canals and fills the tooth. Since the GentleWave system works so effectively, most root canal treatments are done with this equipment and only require a single visit.

Why You Should Choose an Endodontist Who Offers the GentleWave Root Canal System

The GentleWave root canal system has several advantages over traditional methods. Patients who choose an endodontist that uses this system can benefit from the following:

  • Ability to have root canal treatment instead of surgery for some cases of complex canal anatomy
  • Rapid recovery
  • Less post-operative pain for most patients
  • A thorough cleaning to reduce complications
  • Less invasive
  • Preserves more tooth material

With the GentleWave system, patients experience faster healing and less pain. Plus, in the hands of an experienced endodontist, who has special training in pain reduction and prevention, the GentleWave can help to facilitate a faster recovery after root canal treatment.

Technology-Driven Endodontic Care with a Human Touch

Apex Endodontics uses the GentleWave system as a component of our high-tech practice. Like other pieces of advanced equipment that we use, the GentleWave system improves patient comfort and outcomes. By pairing this technology with our endodontists' comforting chair-side manner, patients receive quality care during their visits.

Find Comfort, Precision, and Technology at Apex Endodontics

If you need root canal treatment and want to have access to one of the top tools of the trade for providing better care, contact us at Apex Endodontics to schedule an appointment.