Waterlase Dental Laser

As an innovator in endodontic care in Colorado, we at Apex Endodontics are proud to be among the first practices in the area to adopt the Waterlase dental laser. This tool increases the number of treatment options that we have for disinfecting the interior of teeth and helping our patients have the best outcomes from their treatment.

What is the Waterlase Dental Laser?

Laser light, water, and air combine to create a powerful beam with myriad uses for endodontists. The only thing that touches the tooth with this device is a stream of water and air.  A doctor can adjust the Waterlase laser force to accommodate the needs of the patient and treatment. One of the earliest uses of this product is the cleaning and disinfecting of the interior of teeth during endodontic treatment. However, that is not the only thing this laser can do.

biolaseHow Do Endodontists at Apex Endodontics Use the Waterlase Dental Laser in Practice?

Endodontists benefit from the wide range of capabilities the Waterlase dental laser has. For instance, this laser can cut through bone or teeth for endodontic surgery, such as apicoectomy.  It also has the ability to remove necrotic or inflamed pulp tissue. 

The Waterlase laser can also cauterize or cut through gum tissue in a minimally invasive manner.  In some cases, gum tissue can become overgrown in areas of inflammation or near deep cavities. The Waterlase laser can remove this tissue gently and effectively.

The Waterlase dental laser is an invaluable addition to our practice. It improves the patient experience by decreasing the need for scalpels and drills and offers no-contact incisions and disinfection of teeth. This tool fits well into our practice's motto of providing patients with comfort, precision, and technology.

Why a Tech-Savvy Endodontics Practice Is a Better Choice

As versatile as the Waterlase laser is, we have other equipment to ensure our patients have high-quality care. Our digital radiography reduces patient radiation exposure by 80%. With cone-beam CT scanning, we can take 3D images of teeth to better plan treatment. The GentleWave root canal system enables us to make root canal treatment more comfortable.

Our patients benefit from the equipment we use by getting better care, more accurate diagnoses, and more comfortable treatment.

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