From Our Patients

A HUGE Thank YOU to Dr. Jack! I really did dread going in for a root canal - but the service I received is nothing short of exceptional! I have been to dentists since about 1965 and I can say that this was without a doubt the best care I have ever received! Please keep up the superior service! Thanks!

George R.


I had my second root canal done by Dr. Corr. I have dental anxiety and this dr and this staff have been wonderful! I was given clear options for treatment by Dr Corr and sedation options of nitrous, an oral med or IV. I opted for oral med and it was a success. This office is so professional and kind. I really felt at ease. I highly recommend Apex!!!

Kristin L.


We were very impressed with the kindness of Dr. Corr and his professionalism. He explained everything in detail as to what to expect, he and his assistant were exceptional in their excellent care. We were grateful that our excellent dentist, Dr. Peter McIntyre referred us to Dr. Corr for the procedure, and were able to get such prompt service. The whole staff of Apex Endodontics are helpful, respectful and very gracious. Thank you ALL, H. Gilbert



I've never had a root canal before and was apprehensive. The entire staffs was so warm/friendly and professional. I so appreciated how Dr. Corr talked me through everything he was doing, as he was doing it and what I could expect (e.g. pressure, a tingle, etc). I loved knowing what was going on and what he was doing and why. He answered all my questions and the experience was great! I highly recommend this place!

Donna A.


Had a root canal by Dr. Jack -kind, explained everything, great bedside manner. Best experience I’ve ever had in dentist office. The whole staff were so friendly .

Jane wince


Dr.Jack Ryan, Victor, and the front ladies are just awesome!!!  Your office is just so caring and understanding to the needs of your patients.  You should be so proud of the work and service you give to others.

Rebecca L.

August 2018


Great job, everyone was very professional.

Craig P.

September 2017


Dr. Corr and his staff are so nice and welcoming, that I felt no apprehension about the procedure. This was simply the best experience I've ever had treating a problem tooth. A++++.

Debbie R.

July 2017


Thank you all for being more than kind.

Susan H.

July 2017


Best office staff and Dr ever. You are all awesome. Thanks.

Colleen J.

July 2017


This visit was the conclusion of a root canal started a few months prior. It had been delayed due to an issue on my part where I injured the tooth by biting one of my daily meds in half. I was greeted by name by the girls at the front desk and soon taken back to begin the procedure by Dr. Corr.  He is very thorough in negating any pain I might encounter and narrated each step of the procedure so I knew what was happening and when.  I was so relaxed I did fall asleep a few times.  When it was over, he explained what exactly he had done to my tooth and what pain I could expect for the next few days.  He was very intent on making sure that if I had any problems, concerns, or pain, to call the office immediately.  I'm glad my dentist, Dr. Schulz recommended Dr. Corr's office for my treatment. I will definitely return if I need specialized dental treatment. Thank you Dr. Corr and all your amazing staff!!

Tracy G.

July 2017


The service I received was spectacular.  They explained everything to me.  They called the day after both portions to ensure that I was responding well to the treatment received.  I do not believe I have ever had a dentist call after major work to see if I was ok.  Dr. Corr did a wonderful job.  I would recommend everyone come to this establishment for major dental treatment.  You will be treated well and provided excellent care.  Blessings to Apex Endodontics.

Cheryl B.

June 2017


Each of my visits and treatments went extremely smoothly. I greatly appreciated Dr. Corr's gentle approach and detailed explanations. I had no issues following my treatments. THANK YOU!!

Stephanie K.

May 2017


Can't tell you how great the experience was compared to what I thought it would be, since I'd never had a root canal.  Dr. Jack and his assistant led me through the op, I knew what they were going to do, they did as they said, and I was ready to go after the procedure.  Can't ask for more than that.

John S.

May 2017


I was very impressed with Dr Corr's professionalism and explanations during the procedure.

Steven W.

May 2017


This is the best root canal experience I've ever had!

Jean Q.

May 2017


Great job Dr, Jack.  No pain and numbness went away within 2 hours of procedure.  Highly recommend Dr. Jack!

James M.

May 2017


Very kind staff. I actually enjoyed being there.

Martha G.

May 2017


Since Dr. Christina Sletten referred me to you, you had my complete trust before I walked through your door.  Dr. Christina and her staff informed me of what to expect in terms of a warm welcome and the best of care.  They were "spot on" and that really took care of the anxiety level!

Thank you for your excellent explanation of the procedure I needed, informing me through the entire process and educating me on the aftercare required for the best outcome. I appreciate the follow up phone call to check on my welfare.

I also appreciate the email to evaluate my pain and reminder of what to do if I were having problems.  Thank you for the opportunity to let you know the level of caring and your expertise are amazing and if I lived in your area and needed another procedure, I would need to make only one call, to your office.  Thanks, again, for this pleasant experience!

Sue K.

April 2017


Dr. Jack is fantastic! From his professional expertise, to his chair side manners, I could not ask for more. The office staff is extremely kind and helpful. It's great to know that when teeth problems arise, Apex Endodontics is there to get the job done, thank you.

Robert G.

April 2017


I was very pleased with Dr. Corr and his staff. I will recommend Apex Endodontics to my friends and co-workers. Thank you for doing a great job.

Janice B.

April 2017


As a former Assistant Air Force dental tech for 20 years and working with over 100 dentists, Dr Corr is outstanding dentist and knows what he is doing. He does a very good job explaining every step and keeping pain to a minimum. I wish every dentist cared like he does, I hate to say it but he is a rare dentist that truly cares for the patient and shoots for the perfect RCT. Thank you Dr. Corr and his assistant.

David F.

April 2017


Peyton really liked the way Dr. Corr would explain what he was doing at each step of the procedures. He made her feel confident that everything would turn out just fine.

Lisa E.

March 2017


I am a dental wuss and had never gone through a root canal before. I was very nervous upon arrival but the whole experience was wonderful and the pain was just a minor tenderness with biting afterward. I have never had drilling that didn't leave me needing pain meds before. Thank you very much Dr Jack

Gena K.

March 2017


How odd is it to say I had a good time at the endodontist's office?  I would recommend Dr. Jack and his team to anyone without hesitation. I had a root canal at a different office and it was not at all pleasant. In no way was I looking forward to the appt. at Apex. To me, the office staff is a good indicator of how effective the doctor will be. They were helpful and positive - good sign!  Dr. Jack was extremely gently and educational so there were no surprises. He explained what he was about to do and kept me informed throughout the process. Additionally, all of the equipment they use is state-of-the-art. I had a very clear picture of what was wrong and what would be repaired.  I had to have two procedures. The first was lengthy but when it was over I could tell the difference was immediate and positive. I had very little discomfort after the procedure and I treated it with nothing but Tylenol. Since he did such a good job during the first procedure, the second appt. was even smoother. No pain at all during or after. Having someone working in my mouth is sort of intimate. I want to be able to trust the practitioner. I absolutely did. Thanks to Dr. Jack and the Apex staff. Job well done!

Bev I.

March 2017


I appreciate the wonderful care and treatment by Dr. Corr and his assistant. I was very fearful and everyone was so nice. Dr. Corr explained everything which was very reassuring. It was a very good experience and I'm telling everyone if they ever need a root canal or have dental nerve issues, APEX Endodontics is the best.

Debra F.

February 2017


Full explanations of procedures and progress were appreciated. Dr. Corr and staff are pleasant care providers. Tommy H.

February 2017


I was very pleased with the staff and the whole experience.  Everyone was very nice.  I tried to smile when I left but the left side of my mouth was numb so I don't think my smile came through.  Please know though, that I was happy with the whole procedure.   Thank you.


January 2017


This was the best experience that I've ever had at a dentist office. Thank you all for giving me such great care.

Jeri B.

January 2017


I was extremely satisfied with my visit to your office.


December 2016


I was very pleased with my treatment and outcome.


December 2016


Thanks for taking time saving my tooth. At my age it is important to me to keep the tooth. I like to eat!


December 2016


For as bad as the situation was, this was an awesome place to go for treatment.  Everyone was fantastic and enjoyed the care given by all.


December 2016


Great experience.


December 2016


Dr. Jack and staff did an outstanding job in re-habing #10 tooth, by both bleaching and reconstructing the broken tooth.  I'm extremely pleased with both the procedure and his detailed explanation of what would be entailed.  No pain or discomfort at any point.  Tooth matching was indistinguishable from surrounding teeth.  Phenomenal job!!  Kudos to both Dr. J. and his team - outstanding job!  Thank you, sir, from one veteran to another!


December 2016


Dr. Corr kept me informed during each step of the procedure's progress, very informative and reassuring. Lisa's pre-care and post operative care made me feel comfortable and in good hands. I'm pleased with my Apex experience!

Bill M.

November 2016


Dr. Corr kept me informed during each step of the procedure's progress, very informative and reassuring.  Lisa's pre-care and post-operative care made me feel comfortable and in good hands.

Bill M.

November 2016


I would love to get referred to this office anytime I need dental work.


November 2016


I had mouth pain for 4 months prior to seeing Dr. Corr.  He listened to my complaints and got to the root of the problem.  What an amazing experience!  Everything was explained, the care was gentle and competent.  I will absolutely return (if/when needed) and refer anyone who needs endodontic care.  Thank you for everything!

Kelly W.

September 2016


Had a root canal and it was painless!! I was stressed out about it prior to the procedure because of a bad experience 20 yrs ago. I was pleasantly surprised!! Still haven't had pain and I'm a week out from it. Thanks for such a great job!

Jim S.

August 2016


Dr. Jack was very professional and there was no pain or discomfort associated with my root canal. Everything was explained ahead of time throughout the process. All of the staff are very friendly and professional. I would recommend Apex to everyone!

Ken S.

August 2016


I had no idea the shot was given.  That is how good Dr. Jack is.

Kenneth S.

August 2016


I always have good care coming to your office, very satisfied.

Tim T.

August 2016


I especially appreciated the staff's patience with my concerns and struggles over swallowing in dealing with the procedure.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Edna G.

August 2016


I always imagined that a root canal involved significant discomfort and pain. I had absolutely zero discomfort post op. I was told to expect some pain post op and given a medical reason for the type and duration of pain, but no pain ever arrived.  

July 2016


I had to have an emergency root canal a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Corr and his staff were wonderful. I was not feeling good at all and they took me in at the last minute on Friday afternoon. Right after the procedure I had immediate relief of pain. I went back today for the second part and it was a breeze. Dr. Corr always made sure I had no pain at all during the two visits. Even though I hope I never have to get another root canal I would go back to him in a heart beat. His Dental Assistant during both visits was so nice too.

Pat S.

April 2016


Recommended by my dentist as well as my daughter who works at another dental office. I would 100% recommend this office. Dr. Corr was fantastic. Detailed explanation of the issue, the treatment choices, and his explanation of the process during the process was impressive.

Walter C.

February 2016


I had as pleasant a root canal experience as I could imagine. Dr. Corr is a consummate, very skilled and caring professional. Amanada and Liz did a super job assisting on my two visits. Findings and options were were explained and my pain was resolved even before Dr. Corr began the root canal (he saw I was in obvious pain and applied anesthesia before I even committed to treatment). On the second visit, I was so comfortable and pain free, after the injections, that I actually fell asleep several times! I would definitely recommend APEX Endodontics.

Jeffrey C.

September 2015


If you need a root canal these are the folks to do the job. My regular dentist referred me here and I am glad she did, thanks Dr. Mom, good call. It seemed to me they went out of their way to mitigate the pain and did a wonderful job of the entire process. I hope you never need a root canal but if you do this is the place to get it done.

-Dick S.

July 2015


I moved back to Colorado Springs after many many years away growing up and experiencing life away from home in August of 2013. I finished my last 2 years of high school and this was where I began my dental care as a young adult where I had to pay for it myself. I experienced a pain in my jaw and nerve on the right side of my face about October and had my teeth examined and xrayed by my fmaily dentist and found nothing. The pain went away after a month but little did I know that that pain was the beginning of the death of the root of a tooth that I had a crown put on in 2013. A few months later in May 2014 my dentist saw a shadow around the root area of the tooth that had bothered me and I was referred to Dr Corr. I wasn't able to afford to go then. So on my visit in December 2014 the situation had progressed that the shadow around the root had increased. I was referred again to Dr Corr and this time I went. The root had died and the tooth became infected. Dr Corr and his staff were very knowledgeable and supportive every step of the way checking up to make sure I was not experiencing discomfort and if I was how to take care of it. Overall the experience made me see that as a very grown person dentistry had improved in my hometown from when I began and I have nothing but the best to say about Dr Corr and his staff and the treatment I received! He really was spot on with the diagnosis of the tooth and though my tooth root was complex he and his staff handled it with skill and great care! I would recommend anyone who is in need ot Endodontic treatment to come to this practice!

James C.

July 2015


I was very pleased with my experience here. The staff was friendly and helpful. Even though I was a difficult patient, Dr. Corr did a great job on my tooth. I liked that he told me what he was doing as he went along. He helped me managed pain so well, that I did not have any pain the last visit! Thanks to him and all his staff!

Alice D.

June 2015


Dr. Corr and the rest of the staff were extraordinary. My situation required extra time and even a return visit, running past regular business hours. They were very gracious and made me feel as though my health was of utmost importance to them. I would recommend them with no reservation whatsoever.

Cheryl L.

May 2015


I was referred to Dr. Corr several times for different treatment with great outcome. He n his associates provided tenacity and great follow up processes & as such even having a 3 hr appointment things worked out great. Thank you from one Veteran.

Timothy S

March 2015


Amazing practice! A role model for all dentistry/medical practices to follow! I was so impressed with everyone in the practice, most of all Dr. Corr. I was very impressed with his knowledge, and careful consideration of every aspect of my care.


March 2015


Dr. Jack and Victor were very caring and informative about my root canal. I was comfortable during the procedure and felt at ease. Thank you! I would highly recommend Dr. Jack if you need to see an Endodontist.


March 2014


My dentist referred me to Dr Jack for a root canal because of turns and twists in my lower left molar. I was very apprehensive, but the procedure was 190% pain free. I was very comfortable during the procedure and continually reassured by Dr Jack. I got a follow up call the day after and I was feeling amazingly well. I highly recommend this office!

Helen M.

March 2014


My dentist referred me to Dr. Corr because my molars have four roots instead of three. Also one of my molars had a root that turned at a 90 degree angle. Dr. Corr and his staff not only helped me with my root canals in a timely and comfortable manner, they made sure to follow up after each procedure to make sure that I was doing well and was not having recurring pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Corr and his staff. They truly do care about their patients!

Joanne W.


I have had several root canals in the past. Without a doubt, this was the best experience over all of them. Although having a root canal is not the most pleasant of experiences, Dr. Corr and his staff helped to make it much better than expected. I was especially impressed with how Dr. Corr explained everything clearly to me during the entire process. Not to mention how he managed my "more difficult than normal" root canal. Dr. Corr and the entire staff were excellent!


November 2013


I had my first root canal done at Apex Endodontics today and I was feeling very nervous when I walked in the office. After meeting Doctor Ryan and going over the procedure I felt so much better. During the procedure Doctor Ryan kept me informed of everything he was doing which I liked very much. He also asked me constantly if I was feeling any discomfort. He is very good at what he does. To me he is simply the best and if I ever need another root canal I will go back to him. He was very gentle at administering the anesthesia. Everyone in the office was very nice and their instruments that they use for root canals are just amazing. I am very satisfied with the experience.

Martha P.

September 2013


I have finally discovered by experience just what painless dentistry really is. I have so often heard that having a root canal done on you is a very painful experience. Dr. Jack did a root canal on me and it was a totally painless experience. I have a son who is a dentist in the U.S. Army and he had two years of his dental residency at the same place as Dr. Jack, the Bethesda Naval Hospital. That hospital is the best medical facility in all the Armed Forces. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Jack did himself, Apex Endodontics and the entire Dental Profession very proud when he did the root canal on me. Thank you very much for the expert professional job that was done on me. Very sincerely,

David, S.

September 2013


My experience here was the best! The staff here is so wonderful they are so nice and make it about you. This is the best dental experience I have ever have. All the equipment they use is very high tech and upgraded, it is very clean and friendly and I would recommend it for anyone.


June 2013


Apex Endodontics is a state of the art endodontic clinic utilizing the latest technology available. Dr. Corr and his staff are very professional,courteous, and welcoming. Dr. Corr fully explained possible outcomes and what I could expect. Dr. Corr also kept me informed during the procedure and was very precise during all aspects of the procedure. Kudos to Dr. Corr and staff for a pleasurable experience in the dental chair and for their attention to my comfort as well throughout the procedure! Thank you!

Donna D.

June 2013


I've seen a number of endodontists, but Apex really stands out! Dr. Corr is genuinely passionate about his work, and focused on resolving my issues. He and his assistant Christina were pleasant to deal with. Apex doesn't take shortcuts, but instead focuses on long term solutions. The whole practice seems of the highest quality: state of the art care, sincerely caring, and professional every step of the way. I'm glad there is a choice in my endodontic care, and it's good to know Apex is there.

Hannah K.

May 2013


Just want to say thank you to Dr. Corr, Larissa and all the staff at Apex for making this the best and most comfortable experience I've ever had at any dentists office. You can be sure I will recommend Dr. Corr and his staff to anybody who needs endodontics work. Talking with Dr. Corr about my procedure put me at ease and assured me that I was in good hands. I knew right off that Dr. Corr and his assistants cared that I understood everything that was going to be done and that when I left I knew I had gotten the best treatment possible. I knew that they were all very good at what they do. Just looking around the office I knew I was in a state-of-the-art office. I experienced no pain throughout the procedure. The level of professionalism and caring from the staff is unmatched and sincere. The friendly atmosphere from everyone at Apex is great and makes you comfortable from the time you walk in until you leave. They did everything right. Again, thank you Dr. Corr and all the staff at Apex......your the best.

Robert V

November 2012


An old root canal was retreated and an additional canal was located and cleaned. I was living with a dull ache for years. It is a joy to be out of pain! The technology has really changed and I would not hesitate to consult Dr. Jack Again. Thank You!

Jane N.

October 2012


I've had two root canals performed by Dr. Corr recently and being someone who has been afraid of dentists her whole life the thought of having a root canal terrified me but Dr. Corr and his staff made me feel very relaxed and were very professional. Dr. Corr was very thorough and explained everything in detail about the procedure and always asked how my comfort level was. Excellent dentist and excellent staff. Would highly recommend. Thank you for outstanding service.

Robin B.

October 2012


Best office I have ever had work done at. Very satisfied experience.

Landon B.

September 2012


I am extremely satisfied with the work performed by Dr. Jack. This was my first root canal with zero pain. The post procedure pain has also been minimal. I would recommend Dr. Jack to my friends and family. His staff is terrific as well. Thank you Dr. Jack.

Sharon E.

September 2012


 Dr. Jack tried very hard to stay neutral regarding my decisions about each step in my root canal. I feel each decision was my own. All staff members were very friendly and accommodating .

Rhonda W.

September 2012


Dr. Corr had to do two re-treat root canals on me. This was the last chance for me to keep these two molars. I actually fell asleep in the chair when he did the first one. Both teeth are still in my head and I have Dr Corr's expertise to thank for that. There is no reason anyone should go anywhere else in Colorado Springs for a root canal. Thank you Dr.Corr.

Judy J.

August 2012


Apex is by far the most professional clinic I have been to. Staff is courteous and polite and Dr Corr is meticulous and very thorough. I feel that no one else can even compare to their competence and professionalism!

John B.

July 2012


 After the root canal and the infection was cured, I did not have any recurring pain. All follow up procedures went well. Dr Corr and staff were at all times very professional, courteous, and most improtantly, solved my root canal problem. I am a highly satisfied custome and would recommend APEX to other prospective patients. My mouth is healthy once again thanks to Dr Corr and the staff.


May 2012


Although, I hope not to need another root canal in the near future, I will keep Dr. Ryan Jack's contact information forever. He was very competent, explained things clearly, and took care of me in the utmost professional manner. The technology in the office is state-of-the-art which made me feel very confident. Every person in the office was kind and professional. From the second I walked in the door, Larissa took care of things with my appointments and insurance with a smile on her face. Dr. Jack and team receive my highest recommendation!


May 2012


My experience having a root canal with Dr. Corr was a revelation. The dentist's chair is definitely not my favorite place, and I was quite nervous, especially because I also suffer from TMJ (jaw) problems. Dr. Corr was so reassuring, so calm, so professional, and so skilled. He walked me through the procedure, explaining everything to me, and before I knew it, my root canal was done! Dr. Corr's staff is also wonderful gentle, kind, knowledgeable, extremely professional. I hope I'll never need another root canal, but if I do I won't fear it, and I'll definitely know who to call. Thank you, Dr. Corr!!!

Lisa M.

April 2012


I am jumping out of my chair with excitement! I have never had such a great experience ever! I can't wait to finally be able to eat on my left side after 3 yrs of avoiding it. I am telling everyone I know how wonderful Dr. Corr is. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Yvette B.

February 2012


I'm usually a white knuckled, arched back tense dental patient and I was dreading my procedure especially since my referring dentist told me I had a 50/50 chance of restoring my root canal. Dr. Corr found a canal had been missed which was causing my problem and had me up to par the first try which saved me $8,000. The staff was kind, reassuring, patient, and very gentle. Dr Corr answered all my questions, took his time, was very courteous, and extremely gentle! I almost fell asleep in the chair! Most comfortable dental experience I've ever had, and that's the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth! ) I highly recommend them. Awesome!

Deb H

Jan 2012


Dr. Corr and his staff were so professional and understanding in regards to my pain and fear,they turned my situation into a very positive and healing experience. I am very grateful.



December 2011


My experience on both visits was totally positive thanks to Dr Corr and his first class dental staff.  They are competent, professional and courteous.  The cost of their services is fair and appropriate.  I'm impressed that they are involved with the free clinic in Brush, Colorado where they have spent many long hours treating under privileged patients. Dr. Corr explained all procedures and treatment alternatives completely. Their medical equipment is state of the art.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Corr and staff to my friends and family.  Thanks for asking my for my input.



October 2011


Dr. Jack smart, skilled, friendly and kind. Answers all questions. Office staff trained, friendly, efficient. Top class equipment and software. Painless and effective. The space is spotless and attractive. Best I've experienced. No wait time.


October 2011


I liked Dr. Jack very much and I will tell others of my good experience in your office!

Thank you,


October 2011


While I have never had a root canal before, under Dr. Jack's care I wouldn't hesitate to have another. The first procedure/treatment itself was pain freethe post op pain, however, was significant but easily managed by acetaminophen and ibuprofen. My case was unique and required two additional procedures both of which were pain free as, I am happy to say, were the post ops. I so appreciated the honesty, gentleness and professionalism of Dr. Jack. The whole staff was kind, understanding and accommodating.


September 2011


I was very impressed with your staff and Dr Corr. Upon arrival, the staff was very kind and I immediately felt comfortable. I then met Dr. Corr, I was blown away by his patience and the time he spent accessing my problem and explaining it the entire way. He provided "options" and answered my questions honestly and with integrity. Dr. Corr fit me into his schedule a performed a root canal on the spot, so I would not have to return. The procedure was so painless and event less, there were moments when I found myself almost dozing off. Once again Dr. Corr explained everything he did which made me an informed patient. I am returning for another procedure and actually looking forward to a "root canal", there''s a testament to the treatment I was provided.


August 2011


I couldn''t be happier with your office staff or Dr Corr. I didn''t suffer in any way and had a great outcome saving my tooth. As with land, once it''s used you dont''get anymore. As well as teeth. I have had several bad experiences since moving to Colorado Springs with Endo care, this wasn''t!!! one of them. I will highly recommend your office to all of my colleges here at Douglass Colony Group.

Thank you for a very plesent outcome.


August 2011


Dr. Jack and his Team are at the top of the game. Procedure was pain free and relaxing. Really, hard to believe but actually a very relaxing. smooth time in the office chair with a superb doctor and his beautiful assistants. Can't wait for the Christmas Party!

Thanks for taking good care of me.


August 4, 2011


Foremost,Dr. Jack and the APEX team were extraordinary professionals who treated me professionally. They corrected a 6-month problem and did so promptly (the week before my son's wedding)! They not only were technically outstanding but also explained all procedures. They are truly state of the art and very caring about the patient (a rarity today). Thank you!

Maryann B.

August 2011


I so appreciate the honesty and gentle care extended me at every point of my treatment.  The treatment WAS SUCCESSFUL and I am so glad to be rid of the sensitivity of my gums and sinus.  Looking forward to continued healing of bone area between tooth and sinus.

Thanks so much!


August 2011


I was very impressed with the care I received from Dr. Corr and his team. Dr. Corr fully explained my treatment options allowing me to carefully assess my choices. I elected to have a retreatment root canal and Dr. Corr and his team kept me relaxed and comfortable. When I had extreme discomfort following my procedure, I called and explained my symptoms late on a Friday. Dr. Corr returned my call well past office hours and made sure I had prescriptions ready to pick up that evening. I was very pleased and impressed with Dr. Corr's true care and treatment of me, as a patient!! I would not hesistate to refer friends and family to Dr. Corr and APEX Endodontics. Thank you Dr. Corr and the APEX Endodontic Team!!

Jody T.

August 2011


Dr. Jack and all his people are at the top of the class! Pain free, relaxing and a comforting experience. This guy knows what he is doing and is a real pro and his nurses(besides being beautiful)make are truely kind and professional putting one at ease. Should I ever need another root canal, I will be heading down toward Dr. Jack's place great people, great customer service and true professionals! Thanks for a GREAT experience and cannot wait for the Christmas Party invite!! Cope

Bob C.

August 2011


I am extremely pleased with the care I received from Dr. Corr and his entire staff. I was very nervous before I had my root canal, but my anxiety was greatly eased by their professionalism and their caring manner. I appreciated the explanations of what they were going to do so that I could understand it. I didn't just feel like I was a "job" they were doing. I felt like they truly cared about me and went out of their way to make me comfortable. I would recommend Apex Endodontics to anyone if they need this procedure. Dr. Corr was great as well as the whole staff. Thanks.

Jeannette V.

July 2011


I was extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Corr and his staff. My root canal procedure was basically painless, and my tooth felt much better afterwards. Overall, it was a great experience.


July 2011


Although the previous root canal was very painful, and I was apprehensive. I was very pleased with my procedure. The staff was very conscious during the procedure and ensured I was pain free as possible. I will definitely come back to Apex if I have to have another procedure!

July 2011


I am very happy with the service I received from Dr. Corr. He is truly a professional, respectful and caring Endodontist. He explained everthing in detail to me both prior to the procedures, during and after each procedure. I am very impressed with Dr. Corr and the entire staff. I was also impressed with the cleanliness and modern equipment within the office and exam area.

Larissa was my first contact with the office. I cannot express my heartfelt appreciation for everything she did for me. From my first call to the office to the last checkout she was a professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant woman to speak to. The technicians were all friendly, calming and excellent in perfromimg their jobs.

March 2011


"Root canal" brings fear into the strongist hearts. While my experience was not pain-free, Dr. Corr explained the procedures in great detail and was sympathetic to my discomfort and significantly reduced my anxiety. I am more than satisfied.



May 2011


Eighteen years ago, a dentist told me that I needed a root canal treatment My teeth were not giving me any trouble, but I thought that a professional should know what was best. Before scheduling, I mentioned to others what I was about to do the reactions I got scared me half to death. Subsequently, I did not schedule the RCT (and did not suffer any ill effects). A month ago, a different dentist showed me X-rays which also scared me half to death, so when he said, "Call Apex Endodontics to schedule a root canal treatment," I complied. What a surprise! Dr. Jack was patient, gentle, understanding, and explained exactly what he saw, recommended, and would do. I was in less discomfort than wearing too-small shoes! The office staff and technicians were kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Apex Endodontics to anyone needing endodontic treatment.


April 2011


I appreciated the detailed explanations using the digital pictures.  I also really appreciate Dr. Corr''s presentation of the options and his suggestions.  I also believe very strongly that Dr. Corr had my and my tooth''s best interest in mind.  I would highly recommend Dr. Corr for these types of treatments.  His staff was also excellentvery friendly and good at what they do.


April 2011


I would like to complement your front office staff person. I belive her name is Larissa. She was very polite and explained my insurance questions very nicely. In todays world dealing with the insurance company can be more painful than the root canal!

Thank you all for your efforts,


March 2011


I want to thank you  for seeing me on such short notice. I am well pleased with the results. You demonstrated great skill and patience. It's easy to tell you love your work and care about your patients.

Thanks Again,



February 2011


Absolutely superb experience overall.  Everyone very friendly and professional.  Dr Corr and his staff are topnotch!




February 2011


Dr. Jack,

Thank you very much for your pleasent chair side manner, your time explaining everything and for your genorosity. We truly appreciate your office and staff. Ya'll are AWESOME!!!!

Larry and Geri

February 2011


Hopefully I’ll never need another root canal but if I do I’ll consider no one other than Dr Corr. Simply put, you''re the best best!!!! Thanks for the fantastic care.



February 2011


DR. Jack and staff, Thank you for being so caring during my visit.I appreciate your kindness, explanation during the procedure I recently had in your office.very happy with my results.Thank you



January 2011


The staff and the doctor are so good at there jobs. The dentist made sure he left no mistakes and I really am thankful for that.



January 2011


Very Good Doctor.  I appreciated him talking to me all the time letting me know what he was doing.



December 2010


Thank you, Dr. Jack for being such a man of your word and NOT hurting me. While I'll never say a root canal is something I would look forward to, I will say that I won't EVER again dread it. You truly did an outstanding job of making this process the least painful and most comfortable I've ever experienced. Thank you.


December 2010


Great care and very good explaination of what to expect post op. I am very pleased with the care I recieved at your office.



December 2010


Thank you soooo much. This was the best care I''ve gotten and the least painful process.



December 2010


Everything was GREAT!



December 2010


Overall, it was about as pleasant an experience as a root canal could be.  I was very pleased with the care I received at your office.  Thank you!


December 2010


My first impression of Apex Endodontics came when I called to make an appointment and Dr. Corr answered while everyone was on lunch, instead of an answering service picking up. I was very impressed with the amount of time Dr. Corr took to talk with me that day, and also before and after my root canal. He explained what he did during the process, showed me x-rays and photos taken before, during, and afterward, taking the time to do some teaching which I appreciated. All of the staff I had contact with were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Corr and his staff without any reservation to someone seeking endodontic care.

Gene Harris

November 2010


Thank you very much to Dr. Corr and his wonderful staff!  Everyone was so warm and caring.  The procedure was much smoother than I had anticipated and nearly pain free.  Dr. Corr is very patient and generous with his knowledge and took the time to explain each step.  I felt much more relaxed knowing what was being done and why.  I would highly recommend his office to anyone needing similar procedures.


November 2010


Thank you so much for the caring and professional treatment I recieved for my root canal treatment.  I will recommend your office to others for treatment.  Dr Corr and all his staff were very professional and made a difficult situation a lot easier.

Thank you again,

May 2010


Dear Dr. Corr,
I appreciate your hard work on my back left molar.  If you had not fixed my tooth I would probably not be able to eat anything!  Also, I appreciate your assistant's work!  Thanks again.

age 10

November 2009


Dr Corr & Apex Staff,
Thank you for helping me with my tooth pain.  Everyone there was extremely kind and reassuring.  I felt at ease as soon as I entered the door.  You guys will be first on my list for recommendations to others!

Thank you!

July 2009


Thank you!!

Dear Dr. Robert Corr and Staff,

I just wanted to send you all a personal thanks for the fast same day appointment and the outstanding service.  It really shows that you care.

Thanks again,

July 2009


Just want to give two thumbs "way" up to Dr. Ryan Jack and Staff. They were friendly, competent and my root canal experience went very well. I particularly appreciated the thoroughness of Dr. Jack's explanations before and after the procedure. I highly recommend Apex Endodontics.

David G.


I was referred to Apex Endodontics from my general dentist / no one likes root canals ! BUT I must say the experience was great. Dr jack ryan and his team were professional and thorough, making the patient feel comfortable and confident.I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR THE go to Root Canal ! ROBIN HD

Robin H.D.


I have an unnatural fear of dentists. Dr Corr and staff were all so amazing. I had not one bit of pain. The entire staff was caring, friendly, professional and the follow up was above my highest expectations. Dr Corr is an amazingly skilled endodontistsensitive, kind, & communicative. He talked me through my 2 root canal appointments every step of the wayhow long each step would take, what I would hear, what he was doing, and eased my very tense self that the outcome would be successfuland it was. Never had any repercussions after the appointments. The staff was very professional and customer service oriented. I highly recommend Dr Corr and APEX Endondontics.



When my dentist referred me to Apex I was extremely uneasy. My previous experience with a different endodontics specialist was not one that I cared to repeat. However, Dr. Corr was a breath of fresh air. He and his staff were kind and attentive. He provided different options for me. Ultimately, I had a root canal. I would recommend Dr. Corr and his staff to anyone who needs an endodontics specialist!

Mary W


I am a dental wuss and had never gone through a root canal before. I was very nervous upon arrival but the whole experience was wonderful and the pain was just a minor tenderness with biting afterward. I have never had drilling that didn't leave me needing pain meds before. Thank you very much Dr Jack.

Gena K.

February 2017


I had a complex tooth issue that bothered me for 5 months and when I couldn't drink coffee anymore due to sensitivity, I knew it was time to seek help! Dr. Corr spent 1.5 hours with me on the consult to diagnose my jaw and tooth pain. I told him about my dental anxiety and he presented several options for me. I had the root canal done and felt at total ease. Victor, his assistant, was superb at making me feel totally comfortable. I was so impressed by this office and Dr and all front help. I would highly recommend Apex to anyone seeking exceptional care.

Kristin L. January 2018


I was scared going into my root canal, but Dr Corr and his assistants made it a pleasurable experience.

B Warne December 2017


Dr. Jack and his assistant Amanda did my root canal. They made me feel really comfortable before, during and after the procedure. I’ve had a root canal done before and it was an unpleasant experience. Dr. Jack and Amanda were fast and easy. I was comfortable and pain free. Thank you for your professionalism.

Angelique C. January 2018


Great work; My dentist referred me after a toothache and the root canal fixed it. Professionalism and kindness reigned.

Don K


I've had many root canal procedures over the years so I knew what to expect, or so I thought. I had seen Dr. Corr a few weeks ago for an evaluation of a broken tooth that the VA requested. Upon entering, I was pleasantly greeted by a very friendly office staff. That in itself is nice. After a few minutes, Lisa came out and got me. Dr. Corr came in and introduced himself. His personality is very pleasant and relaxing. After reviewing my Xrays he explained everything that need to be done and would report the findings to the VA. A few weeks later I was back in for the root canal. To me, the most painful part of any dental work, is the needle. Even with the topical gel, that always hurts, bad. Not this time. How he did it is amazing. I did not feel the needle. After a few minutes the job started. Dr. Corr explained the entire procedure as he went along. There was absolutely NO discomfort. I was so relaxed I fell asleep a few times. This never happens during a root canal. There was no infection to be concerned about so after about 90 minutes it was totally finished. Throughout the procedure both Lisa and Dr. Corr were very professional and caring. Always making sure I was comfortable. After the numbing meds wore off there was absolutely no pain. No Tylenol or any pain meds needed at all. Bottom line, APEX Endodontics is great. I would absolutely recommend them for any dental surgery. Thank you Dr. Corr and Lisa....

Ron Schulz

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