What is the GentleWave Root Canal Procedure?

gentlewave root canal procedure

The Gentlewave root canal procedure offers a high-tech solution to the traditional root canal procedure. With this method, you may experience little to no discomfort and have longer-lasting success than conventional methods. At Apex Endodontics, we have invested in this technology and we are authorized to providers for patients who need root canal treatments.  Find…

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What Are The Different Types of Root Canals?

different types of root canals

Root canal therapy saves natural teeth by treating infected or inflamed pulp inside teeth. Endodontists have different ways to approach this problem, including non-surgical and surgical options. In this blog post, we describe the different types of root canals that we offer at Apex Endodontics to give you more information on the care you can…

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How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal: Top 5 Signs

How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal

Root canal procedures are a wonderful treatment option to resolve pain in infection in a troubled tooth. While you would certainly always have a dental evaluation before any treatment is performed, you should still watch out for signs that you may have a dental problem, and when you may benefit from seeking this care.  Our…

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