Meet Dr. Corr: One of Our WaterLase Specialists

waterlase specialist

When combined with compassion and expertise, technology leads to better endodontic care. Dr. Robert Corr is one of Colorado Springs’ first Waterlase specialists. During his career, Dr. Corr has demonstrated a commitment to education, innovation, and service, whether serving his patients at Apex Endodontics or the US army.  The entire team at Apex Endodontics shares…

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Meet Dr. Crepps: One of Our Cone Beam CT Dental Specialists

Cone Beam CT Dental

At Apex Endodontics, we have a team of experts that offer our patients the best endodontic care available anywhere. By implementing technology and our providers’ expertise, we are able to improve our patients’ treatment. Dr. Crepps is one of our cone beam CT dental specialists. Get to know Dr. Crepps by learning more about his…

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Is It Hot In Here? Cracking The Case of Tooth Sensitivity to Heat in Tooth #3

tooth sensitivity to heat

Frequently, endodontists must perform detective work with a patient. Only through thoroughly investigating a patient’s complaints can an endodontist determine how to treat the issue. Typical methods include high-tech cone-beam CT (CBCT) imaging. However, sometimes, even imaging does not always show the cause of a problem. Therefore, the endodontist may need to find ways of…

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What is the Waterlase Dental Laser?

waterlase dental laser

The Waterlase iPlus laser is changing the way endodontists and dentists perform procedures. This technology uses air, water, and concentrated light instead of mechanical instruments to treat teeth. Apex Endodontics is the first practice of its kind in Colorado to employ this technology.

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When to see an Endodontist vs Oral Surgeon. Our Guide:

endodontist vs oral surgeon

Do you need surgery on your mouth, and curious about what type of specialist you need to visit? The type of surgery that you need will help you to choose the right provider. There are distinctive differences in what an endodontist vs oral surgeon will do and what each excels in. We’ve created this guide…

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When to see an Endodontist vs Dentist. Our Guide:

endodontist vs dentist

Endodontists and dentists both perform procedures on your teeth to protect your oral health — these doctors differ in many significant ways. When you compare an endodontist vs dentist based upon the procedures they perform, it can help to understand your options for treatment. Our guide breaks down the differences between these oral care experts.…

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